UCLA Research Administration (ORA) maintains the institutional record for all research administration transactions, including proposal and award data, and associated compliance programs. ORDM works closely with OCGA, TDG, and CTC&SR to enter and maintain key proposal and award data for all campus research activities in ORA’s Proposal and Award Tracking System (PATS). This includes project title, sponsor name, and key demographic information including key personnel and committed effort, budgets, compliance requirements, and other essential data elements. ORDM also regularly updates the sponsor, subaward, and PI category databases within PATS. In addition, ORDM works with the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Animal Research Committee (ARC), and other compliance committees to cross-reference protocol approvals with grant and contract awards. Data from PATS flows down to several systems including the campus financial system, PI Portal, ORA Resource Center, and EFM’s Post Award Management System (PAMS). PATS data is analyzed and reported on for ORA-wide performance metrics.