ORDM works closely with OCGA, TDG, CTC&SR, and EFM to ensure that funds for awarded projects are made available to the Principal Investigator as quickly as possible. Upon completion of the fully executed research award, ORDM is responsible for completing the award set-up process that includes:

  • Assigning a fund number for the award in the campus financial system
  • Linking the account-cost center to the fund number
  • Entering awarded budget details
  • Adding financial deliverables (invoice, financial reports, etc.) to the Post Award Management System (PAMS)
  • Generating the Award Snapshot via the Advanced Search & Snapshot Report (ASSR) on the ORA Resource Center to be available for download by campus departments
  • Emailing the PI and department research administrators when the awarded dollars are available and when changes are made to the award

For intramurally funded awards (e.g. awards funded by UC Office of the President), ORDM confirms the fund number with UCLA’s General Accounting and generates an Award Snapshot. General Accounting is responsible to work with the department to coordinate the transfer of funds to the PI/Department.