As part of data quality and data accuracy efforts, ORDM regularly reviews the data in PATS and the financial system to support high quality data. The ORDM Manager and Senior Quality Assurance Data Analyst review daily and weekly reports with critical data elements and make corrections when needed. This includes working with EFM to correct and update financial deliverables in PAMS. In addition, members of ORDM meet regularly with ORIS and OCGA to review quality assurance reports and refine criteria for continuous improvement. Current business processes are reviewed and adjusted with the business owners (OCGA, TDG, CTC&SR, and EFM) as needed, and new reports may be created as sponsoring agency policy/procedure changes. The goal of ORDM’s data integrity efforts is to promote consistent and accurate data that mirrors the proposal/award documents of the sponsoring agency. This in turn supports ORA’s role to deliver institutional reporting and data analytics to the campus research community, national surveys, and other external entities.